16.5″ Bruno Delgrange Partition, Medium Tree

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Seat measures 16.5″ flaps measure 12″ bar to bottom and 12″ across (2A flaps) the front gullet measures 4 3/4″- medium tree.

2008 MODEL. Saddle has been very well cared for.  It also has soft and squishy outer knee pads that your knees sink right into. You will not slip and slide around in this saddle. Saddle has no tears and no loose stitching. The only thing we see is a name plate that was removed that you can cover up with your own and it has some light seat cracking typical of Delgrange. We rarely get in the 16.5/2A size Delgrange and this one is very cute with the pink logos.

Included: Blue Delgrange Saddle Cover


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