16.5″ County Perfection, Wide/Extra Wide Tree


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Seat is stamped 16.5″ flaps measure 15.5″ bar to bottom and the front gullet measures 5″ -wide/X-wide (WXW) tree.

2010 Model. Saddle is in good condition. There are no tears, no loose stitching and no fading on leather. The Bull leather is an upgraded leather that is very soft. Wool flocked so the flocking can be adjusted to best suit your horse. Thick back panels to prevent rocking and shifting. Ideal if you have a horse with minimal withers and built with more of a round frame. Saddle is priced at well less than 1/2 the price of a new one and a great deal for someone wanting a high end saddle under $2000.

* Included: Fleece Saddle Cover