16″ County Innovation, Medium/Narrow Tree (2012 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped and measures 16″ flaps measure 13.5″ bar to bottom and 13.5″ across (forward flaps) the front gullet measures 4 1/4″-Medium/Narrow tree (Innovation saddles run a 1/2 size large in the tree so this will fit like a medium tree).

2012 model. Bull leather makes for a very grippy ride so you do not slip and slide around. The leather is so soft you can roll the flaps and the outer pads are nice and soft and squishy. Dark reddish brown in color. This saddle was sent off to our saddler and the stitching was reinforced at the bottom of the flaps so it is all ready for the new owner. There is a small area on the bottom piping underneath the right flap that is worn. There is also a thin black line mark on the seat. It is not a scratch, just a mark (see picture). Front + back blocks under the flaps. Wool flocked so the flocking can be adjusted to best suit your horse. Very comfortable saddle that seems to fit many horses well. This is an ideal seat size for a child coming off a pony saddle but not yet ready for an adult 16.5″ that they may be swimming around in, but this is also great for a petite adult. Finding a 16″ County saddle is very rare because most people hold onto them. It is highly unlikely we will get another at the tack shop anytime soon so don’t miss out.

* Included: Black County Saddle Cover