16/16.5″ Tad Coffin A5G, Wide Tree

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped 16.5 but measures smaller at 16″ flaps measure 12″ bar to bottom and 12″ across, the front gullet measures 5″- wide tree.

2001 Model. Saddle is an ideal size for those kids coming of a pony saddle but not yet ready for an adult 16.5″ that they may swim around in. Could also possible work for a petite adult. We almost never get in this 16″ size Tad Coffin and they are highly sought after. This one has front blocks under the flap that velcro on and off so you can change the position or remove them entirely. There are no tears and no loose stitching. Leather is very “tacky” and your child will not slip and slide around. The outer knee pads are extra squishy so their knees sink right in. Seat has some lines and billets are a little stretched out. These will fit just about all size ponies and horses and the width can be narrowed down with a leather Tad pad.

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