17.5″ Butet, Wide Tree (Integrated Panels)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.



Seat is stamped 17″ but measures closer to 17.5″, flaps measure 131/4″ bar to bottom and 13″ across (#1L flaps) the front gullet measures 4 1/2″- wide tree.

2007 MODEL. This has been very well taken care of and has no tears, no loose stitching, no cracking and no seat seam wear. There was a name plate removed you can cover up with your own and a small ding to the back cantle near the name plate We also see a little bit of seam wear on the outer pads.  Saddle has front blocks. This saddle was made with the upgraded $500 integrated panels to provide a true close contact feel between your leg and horse with less bulk.  Outer knee pads are soft and squishy. It is rare we come across a butet with a 4 1/2″ wide tree so this will be a nice fit on a warmblood.

* Included: Thick Gold Butet Saddle Cover

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