17.5″ County Sensation, Medium Tree (2012 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped 17.5″ flaps measure 14″ bar to bottom and 14″ across (forward flaps) the front gullet measures 4 1/4 -medium tree.

2012 model.  Dark brown in color. There are no tears, no seat seam wear and a prior name plate was never even put on. Light rubs from boots and leathers on the flaps. Large front + back blocks under the flaps.  Wool flocked so the flocking can be adjusted to best suit your horse. Very comfortable saddle that seems to fit many horses well but these are known to fit the TB or high withered horses especially well.  We rarely get in the medium tree so do not miss out on this lovely Sensation.

* Included: Green County Saddle Cover

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