17.5 Hulsebos WB3, Medium/Wide Tree (2015 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.



Seat is stamped 17.5 flaps measure 17.5″ bar to bottom and the front gullet measures 5″- medium/wide tree.

2015 model. Saddle is in excellent condition with no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking. A prior name plate was never even added. The leather is butter soft and you can almost roll the flaps. Panels are wool flocked so they can be adjusted to best fit your horse.

Here is what the manufacture has written about this model:
The WB3 model has a deep seat and the lowest point of the saddle lies more at the front. Riders with a tendency to sit in a chair position will sit straighter and more upright in this saddle. This is a suitable saddle for horses with a short back. This saddle is also perfect for a younger rider because the saddle has a more narrow twist and waist, there is less pressure on the hip joint of the rider. This saddle also provides additional support for riders still learning to have an independent seat. We have also seen success with the use of this type of saddle in horses with kissing spines.