17.5″ Schleese Triumph, Medium/Wide Tree (Adjustable + Extras Incl.)


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Seat is stamped 17.5  flaps measure 17″ front gullet measures 5 1/4″- medium/wide tree (adjustable).

2010 MODEL! Saddle is lovely, well cared for condition. There are no tears, no loose stitching, no flap rubs and a prior name plate was never even put on. This does have some seat wrinkles as it looks like the rider rode heavier to the left side and slight wrinkles in the outer pads. The owner of this saddle removed the blocks but no longer has these. She was going to order a set to go with this saddle but there are 5 different options of sizes and shapes so she decided to reduce the price $100 so the new owner could pick out what they want. They can be found online for $95.  Saddle has the Shoulder Relief feature. We are also including a $209 pair of 4 3/4″ MDC irons and a pair of used Passier black leathers ($115).  Owner has this set priced to sell. If you look online you will see other Triumph models selling $500-$800 more with no extra accessories.

* Included: Blue Schleese Saddle Cover

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