17.5″ Voltaire Palm Beach Calf, Medium/Wide Tree (2016 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.



Seat measures 17.5″, flaps measure 13.5″ bar to bottom and 13″ across (3A forward flaps) the front gullet measures 5″- medium tree but fitting closer to a medium/wide.

2016 model. Calfskin leather upgrade. Buttery soft leather that you can just about roll the flaps. This also has the 2nd skin on the bottom under the flaps so it can conform to any shape horse. Saddle has the PRO panels. There is a small leather tag on the bottom showing some alterations were made to the paneling from the original FIN panels (see tag). Voltaire will add this on so you can see exactly what was done. There are no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking. There is a name plate you can cover up with your own. This saddle also has an area at the bottom of each large flap that has a “sticky” feel. I think the rider used a no slip rub on her boots. We gave it a good cleaning but it could use a little more so we have this saddle discounted to account for this. If you are looking for a VERY soft comfortable and “grippy” saddle you will want to try this one. This is a great deal on this comfortable and popular saddle.

* Included: Voltaire Saddle Cover

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