18/18.5″ CWD SE08, Medium/Wide Tree

$2,079.00 - $2,190.00 $1,690.00 - $1,890.00




Seat measures 18″ but measures closer to 18.5″ (will ride like a 18″ with the cutback head) flaps measure 16 1/2″ bar to bottom (3XL flaps) front gullet measures a generous 5 1/4″-medium/wide tree.

2012 Model CWD SE08. Saddle is in mint condition. There are no tears, no loose stitching, no fading, no cracking and no seat seam wear. The back name plate says CWD. The saddle is a monoflap design with the exposed outer blocks. Before buying a new one, you will want to try and consider this and save yourself about $3500. Winning buyer will be thrilled with the condition. OWNER HAS THIS PRICED TO SELL!

* Included: Red CWD Saddle Cover

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