18.5″ Tad Coffin Smart Ride, Medium Tree (Tad Girth Included)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped and measures 18.5″ the flaps measure 14″ bar to bottom and 14″ across (75X forward flaps), front gullet measures 4 1/2″ medium tree.

2011 Model. Saddle has the sought after Smart Ride Technology. You can watch videos of this on Tad’s website but the tree actually bends with the horse. Saddle is very lightweight and simple. If you do not like a lot of bulk this is a great saddle to try. They seem to fit just about all type horses and you can always use a leather Tad Pad to narrow down the fit if you need to. Saddle is in very good condition with no tears and no loose stitching and no cracking.The back of the seat is a little lighter color and name plate was removed which you can add your own to cover. This is a very hard size to find used in a Tad Coffin smart ride. Most clients need to have them custom made and they cost almost $6800 new! We are also including a $400 Tad 54″ matching girth (used) to complete this set.

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