18″ Hulsebos WB4, Medium/Wide Tree (Girth Included)

$1,679.00 - $1,790.00 $1,490.00 - $1,649.00

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Seat measures 18″ flaps measure 17″ bar to bottom and the front gullet measures 5″- medium/wide tree.

Saddle is in nice condition with no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking. We see a couple cat claw marks onto seat and the billets are going to need to be replaced very soon due to cracking (price reflects this). The leather is very soft and you can almost roll the flaps. We do not see what year this saddle is based on the #’s we found stamped. Panels are wool flocked so they can be adjusted to best fit your horse. Currently they are stuffed well in both the front and back and should not need reflecting anytime soon unless you want it custom for your horse. Also included is a 24″ matching Hulsebos girth $200 retail value.