18″ Sellerie Fleur De Lys Pompadour, Wide/X-Wide Tree (2016 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.



Very rare Sellerie Fleur De Lys offered for sale!

Seat measures 18″ flaps measure 14″ bar to bottom and 13.5″ across the front gullet measures 5 1/2″- wide/x-wide tree.

2016 model! This is a very rare saddle from Pompadour, France. Not to be mistaken with the Custom Saddlery Fleur De Lys. Has a very unique feature where the front and back blocks go up through the holes on the flaps making it a very close contact saddle. The leather is butter soft and has been very well cared for, you can roll the flaps they are so soft. There are no tears, no loose stitching and no cracking. If you have been looking for a French high end saddle with a 5 1/2 wide-x-wide tree to fit a round minimal wither horse this can be a great opportunity. Save yourself thousands off the price of a new one. It is highly unlikey we will get another like this in the tack shop anytime soon.

* Included: Grey Fleur De Lys Saddle Cover