18″ Voltaire Lexington Monoflap Buffalo, Medium Tree (2017 Model)

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.



Seat measures 18″, flaps measure 14″ bar to bottom and 15 across (3AAA extra forward flaps) the front gullet measures 4 3/4″- medium tree.

2017 model! Buffalo leather upgrade. Buttery soft leather so you will not slip and slide around. There is no loose stitching, no cracking and no seat seam wear. There is a name plate but you can cover it up with your own. Saddle has the exposed front + back blocks since it is monoflap in design. If you are looking for a VERY soft comfortable and “grippy” saddle you will want to try this one if you are a tall cross country or jumper rider looking for that longer /extra forward flap. It is very rare to come across a 3AAA. Don’t miss out on this 2017 model or you could get stuck paying an extra $2500 for a new one.

* Included: Voltaire Saddle Cover

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