Nicole Scullion

Nicole Scullion

The owner and woman in charge of Maryland Tack Exchange, LLC is Nicole Scullion who has been involved with horses since she was 7 years old. She took her 1st lesson on a little white pony named Idy, and after 34 years she is still riding and immersed in the horse world on a daily basis. Even at a young age Nicole always had a love of shopping at tack stores but never realized it could become a career until years later. It started by attending horse auctions and picking up small miscellaneous tack items to resell for a profit to help cover the cost of horse board.

After 2 years she saved up enough to buy a modest Crosby saddle, started selling saddles online, and that is where it all began. Now, 15 years after attending those auctions Maryland Tack Exchange, LLC only carries high-end, specific saddles that cater to riders looking for only the best quality and craftsmanship.


Maryland Tack Exchange, LLC is located in Florida?

Nicole on Idy

Nicole on Idy

Maryland Tack Exchange, LLC was started in Frederick, MD as a small local business, and then over the years it evolved into a full-time business to service clients throughout North America.

In 2015, the company relocated to Saint Augustine, FL. After a lot of consideration it was decided to keep the name because of our great reputation in the industry and it held a special place in our hearts since Maryland is where it all began.

Over the years, we have developed partnerships with many different people in the equestrian world. We work daily with saddle dealers, saddle company owners, trainers, advertisers, individuals, web designers and of course friends and family who have all played a part of us being able to offer our clients the highest quality products available. Today, we carry anywhere between 150-200 saddles at all times and sell our items all over the USA and Canada.

We would like to thank our thousands of customers who purchased saddles, sold us saddles and referred friends to us over the years. We realize that you have options of where to buy or sell your items, and we greatly appreciate the business and loyalty that helped grow Maryland Tack Exchange, LLC to where it is today.

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