17.5/18″ County Connection, Medium Tree

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped 17.5″ but measures closer to 18″ flaps measure 17″bar to bottom and the front gullet measures 4 1/2″-medium tree.

2003 Model. Saddle has the XTR leather that keeps you from slipping and sliding around. Wool flocked so the flocking can be adjusted to best suit your horse. Blocks under the flaps, plus the billets are set up so this has the Point system to help prevent the saddle from rocking since front billet is under the block. There are no tears and no seat seam but one of the billet straps underneath has come loose (see picture). Most people do not use these but we want to point out everything. Also, we do see some of the leather has some fading on it. The rest of the saddle is nicely broken in and it has been conditioned really well so that the leather is nice and soft.

* Included: Black County Saddle Cover

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