15.5″ CWD Monoflap, Medium Tree


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Seat is measures 15.5″ flaps measure 12″ bar to bottom and 12″ across (0L short flaps) the front gullet measures 4 1/2″- medium tree.

2011 Model. Saddle has been well conditioned and and the leather is very soft. Beautiful reddish brown color. Monoflap in design with the exposed front and back blocks and the long billets. There is no loose stitching and no seat seam wear. The back left block has a small worn through area (right side is fine) on the top part of the letter so due to this we have this saddle priced about $350 below normal. The saddle is in very nice condition as you can see from the pictures. The billets on this are up into the tree for extra stability and not just sewn onto the bottom like some brands. This is a unicorn to find used if you have a child that loves cross country or jumper riding this saddle is not to be missed! We may not get another like it for years.

* Included: Red CWD Carrying Cover (used)