17/17.5″ Equiline American Hunter, Medium Tree (2018 Model)

$2,979.00 - $3,090.00 $2,649.00 - $2,790.00



Seat is stamped 17″ but is measuring close to 17.5″ flaps measure 14″ bar to bottom and 13″ across, the front gullet measures 4 3/4″ medium tree (generous medium closer to a medium/wide).

2018 Model, Dark brown in color. Double Calfskin leather that is VERY grippy and soft. There are no tears, no cracking and no loose stitching. Saddle is in very nice condition. We do see some light rubs at the bottom of the flaps from boots. Front blocks and back blocks both velcro which is a great feature. You can remove them or adjust them to where they work best for you. Here is what Equiline website says about this model:

Designed for a more open hip angle with a longer leg, the American Hunter features a narrow twist with a slightly wider seat. The saddle boasts a molded, padded flap with T-foam, along with removable knee and thigh blocks, bottom flap leather reinforcement, and Equiline’s stirrup bar locking system. With embossed Equiline logo for a classical look.

*Included: Brand New (with tags) Maryland Tack Exchange Saddle Cover