18″ Trilogy Amadeo, Medium/Wide Tree

This saddle has been sold and is unavailable.


Seat is stamped 18″ flaps measure 16″ bar to bottom and the front gullet measures 5 1/2″-med/wide tree.

Elite leather makes for a very “grippy” ride. Saddle is wool flocked so the flocking can be adjusted to best suit your horse. Large thick back panels to help the saddle lay flat and prevent rocking. Saddle has no tears and no loose stitching. It does show some light fading in a a few places and some teeth marks on the small upper left flap (see picture). You can expect basic use since it is a used saddle. This is a great deal because these are selling new at over $6000. This one will not break the bank and it is a hard to find seat size in this model.