17″ Tad Coffin Smart Ride, Wide Tree


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Seat is stamped and measures 17″ flaps measure 13.5″ bar to bottom and 12.5″ across, the front gullet measures 5 1/4″ -wide tree (can be narrowed down with leather Tad pad).

The tree was changed out to the smart ride technology which came out out 2012. Not sure what year this was done but it was anytime after that. THE BOTTOM PANELS AND The billets and the bottom panels were changed out at that time as well. There are no tears and no repairs. The saddle is used and you can expect use. The seat shows some wrinkles on the left side but the tree is nice and tight. Rider rode heavier to this side. The bottom of the large flaps show some missing stitching and thinness. We also see some cracking on the outer pads (see all pictures). The saddle price reflects this as most used Smart Ride Tads sell at least $1000 higher than the list price of this one. New Tad Coffin saddles are $7000+ and just to get a Smart Tree added in your saddle is $3500! His prices have gone up over the last 2 years.

* Included- Green Tad Coffin Saddle Cover